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Manufacturer of Pneumatic Tools for Auto Repair

Do you want environmentally-friendly and quality air-powered tools? Okar Air Tools Co., Ltd. is a Chinese automotive repair tools manufacturer that’s been making quality pneumatic tools for automotive maintenance since 1995. Our expansive catalogue includes several models of impact wrenches, impact sockets, and lubrication equipment, and other air tools. We rank first with a 60% domestic market share in the automotive, tubular pile, and shipping industries and export our repair tools to over 80 countries and regions, including the US, Germany, Korea, Brazil, Russia, etc. With our advanced production and inspection equipment imported from Aichelin and Brown & Sharpe as well as our experience in air tools assembly and in-house production, we provide customers with the best quality repair tools for automotives.
Hot Products
    1. 3/4 inch Impact Wrench

      Low vibration makes the 3/4 inch impact wrench suitable for heavy duty applications.
      Oil-lubrication mechanism quickly stops operation and avoids unnecessary rotation, making the air impact wrench ideal for repetitive tasks in recycling factories.

    1. 1 inch Impact Wrench (Vehicle Climbing Machine)

      Powerful and high-pressure resistant, the 1 inch impact wrench is very popular for truck repair in Europe and the USA.
      As this torque gun is very powerful under 4-8KG/cm2 air pressure...

    1. Impact Socket Set

      Impact socket sets include drive sizes of 1/2", 3/4", and 1" and air impact socket accessories.
      We offer 3-piece to 17-piece socket sets with a number of different drive sockets.
      Material: CrMo and forged, finishing: Phosphate coating

Main Products
    1. Impact Wrench
    2. Impact Wrench

      Made from marage steel, the impact wrench is lightweight and durable. Ergonomic design allows for heavy duty operations and great comfortableness during usage. High precision hammer mechanism is stable and durable. Used for assembly and repair cars, buses, trucks and other vehicles; also often used as woodworking tool.

    1. 1/2 inch Drive Impact Socket
    2. 1/2 inch Drive Impact Socket

      The 1/2 inch drive impact socket can be used for repairing cars, ships, buses, and other vehicles. Bolt size: 8mm-36mm.
      We offer square, 6-point, 12-point and bi-square impact sockets.
      Both metric and SAE sizes are available.
      The socket's torque is about 200Nm to 850Nm.

    1. Impact Socket and Accessories
    2. Impact Socket and Accessories

      The air impact socket and accessories is made from finest CrMo alloy steel, through hot forging and special heat treatment. The hardness is 40-50HRC. Undergoing phosphate coating, it meets or exceeds ISO, ANSI and DIN standards. With long service life, it can meet the demand...

    1. Q-9910
    2. Impact Wrench Kit

      Okar's impact wrench kit includes a quality industrial impactor and impact sockets. Used for repairing motorcycles, cars, ships, buses, and trucks of varying sizes, our air impactor tools are the best choice for those in auto repair shops, auto manufacturers, power stations, shipbuilders, and the mining industry.

    1. Hand Socket
    2. Hand Socket

      The hand socket is made from CrV alloy steel by using cold forging technique. With high performance, durable, ultra-thin design, it meets or exceeds ANSI and DIN standards. Our hand-operated socket is made from CrV alloy steel, and we apply advanced cold forging technology for a better configuration of the spline socket.

    1. Lubrication Equipment
    2. Lubrication Equipment

      Okar produces 50:1 and 55:1 air grease pumps and 5:1 and 3:1 air oil pumps. Ouroil lubricators are widely used in the lubricating industry because of their quality and cost-effectiveness.
      Our two models of grease pumps both have air regulators with filter which keep the pumps dry and clean inside. They also use the Japanese NOK...

  • Quality Control
  • We produce all of our air tools, such as air sanders, air grinders, air sockets, air wrenches, and air spray guns, and manage our company in strict accordance with ISO/TS16949 and ISO9001 quality system standards. By observing best practices for management in China and abroad, we have modeled our own management style after successful businesses.